Exclusive: Prateik Babbar to release a tell-all short film next month

20 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Prateik Babbar has been out of action for a while, the talented actor is now aiming his guns on the streaming screens. The Digital Hash was in conversation with Akanksha Seda, Creative and Channel Director at the sidelines of the special screening of ‘Noise’, a new short featuring Kalki Koechlin. Akanksha revealed all about Prateik’s foray into the streaming screen scenario.

At the sidelines of the event in an exclusive chat with The Digital Hash she revealed, “We are working with Prateik Babbar and we are shooting something with him, about his very personal story of overcoming trials and tribulations.”

We asked her to elaborate on that video and she further commented “It’s very personal and intense. It’s a first person narrative of a lot of things that he’s gone through in the past couple of years. I think this is the first time that he is coming out with the truth in such a manner. People must have read it, but there hasn’t been a video about this. We are coming out with it next month.”

We are sure Prateik Babbar’s fans will be looking ahead to this.