EXCLUSIVE Interview Shiv Pandit for Viu web series Love Lust and Confusion 2

19 . Mar . 2019
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Actor Shiv Pandit is part of Love, Lust and Confusion, a web series that has a strong female character at its centre. We got in touch with Shiv and talked to him about his experience shooting for the series and what he thought about working in a web series.

How did you become a part of this project?

This is the first time that I am entering a pre-existing project. Usually when I am approached for a project, the story and the crew make a difference. I rely on the people who I am working with. When I met the people behind Love, Lust and Confusion Season 2, the meeting was so warm and lovely. I knew immediately that these were the people I would like to collaborate with and work with. I believe that creativity is all about experiences at the end of the day. I also look for absolute clarity in my director. If I feel that the director has no idea of what’s going on, then I’d rather not be the part of a project. Here, the director was so clear about what he wanted from my character, that sort of clinched it for me.

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What drew you to the character?

See, when I was first offered the role, I didn’t know what the character was all about. I was told that he was an artist who had seen almost everything that life had to offer and that he had a broad outlook towards life. But more than the character, I was drawn to the project because of the people that I was working with. The people knew exactly what they wanted. Somehow, I knew that I was in safe hands.

How was the shooting process?

The shoot began in mid-December. It ended sometime in January. We shot for 35 days. Tara shot the most. I shot for 15 days. I made great friends with Gaurav, Tara, Mohini.

Did you have the freedom to change the script?

It happened all the time. The mark of a good director is having democracy on the sets. I have limited experience.  My experience tells me that the mark of a good director is fluidity. The director Victor used to listen to the actors.

Can you tell us what happens in the series?

See, eventually, the gears are going to shift in the story. Some character will take a step back and someone else in come to the fore.

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How open are you to working in a viral video?

If any piece of content appeals to me, I will do it. It doesn’t matter if it is one minute or more or even less. It has to appeal to me on a basic level and it should be creative.

What’s a genre you’d like to explore now?

I want to do horror thrillers. I just did a short film ‘Joyride’ on ShortCuts. I enjoyed working on a horror thriller. I want to do another horror thriller. I love comedy and action, but I would love to do an interesting horror thriller.

Love Lust and Confusion is now streaming on Viu.