Exclusive Interview of Anupriya Goenka about her outing in an anthology, the Voot Original Fuh Se Fantasy

26 . Apr . 2019
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Anupriya Goenka is all over streaming – whether it’s Sacred Games or Criminal Justice. Now, she is part of a VOOT project, Fuh Se Fantasy, which is an anthology tackling the concept of intimate fantasies. We caught up with Anupriya and spoke about her thoughts about streaming.

What made you say yes to the concept and the role?

It was a different concept, an interesting one. The main reason was the team. I really liked working with Shraddha. I think she’s a lovely director.  My gut feeling about her was very good. As an actor, I like Gaurav Pandey. I have seen his work before. More than anything else, I really wanted to work with this team. I am associated with the team already. I am doing something else with them as well. So, I know the team very well. They are a cool team trying to do something different.  They respect actors and acting as a profession itself.

How did you prepare for the role?

When it comes to such a role, it’s very important that you are at the same page with the team, in terms of what you need and how you want to portray it. The most important part for me was the idea behind telling the story.  According to me, the team wanted to tell stories that were fantasies and encouraging people to follow their fantasies.

As far preparations for the role are concerned, we had detailed discussions about what’s to be done, what I am comfortable doing and not doing, especially in the intimate scenes.  I was unsure about this role. I took my time, a couple of days.  We had a long shoot – something like a week. I had fun while shooting the film.

You have worked with some of the top most streaming platforms. How does that feel?

I feel blessed. I have worked with some amazing people, actors, directors, and entire crews.

Do you think audiences are ready for anthologies?

I think the audiences are ready. Anthologies have been successful in India. They have worked well. In fact, some of my favourite films are in that genre. Audiences are ready for anthologies, I think.

How open are you to work in short format films?

I am quite interested. That’s the fun of being an actor. I have done ads, those are thirty seconds. Ads are different from films because you tell the entire story in 30 seconds. In ads, the reactions are very fast. You keep hearing the word energy a lot in the ad circles. You don’t have time to build up a reaction. And that’s the situation with the short format videos as well. The timing must be perfect. So, if the script is interesting and different, I’m open to working in short format films.

What genre would you like to work on now?

I want to do rom-coms.  I would really like to do a romantic lead. I have done historical films, I did Padmavati, thanks to Mr. Bhansali. I have always been piqued by historical and period films. Rural stories have excited me. I would like to try something in the rural and tribal space.

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What’s next for you?

I am doing a movie that I am doing, the announcement will be made soon. There’s another web series that’s coming out on Voot.

Anupriya Goenka’s anthology, Fuh Se Fantasy is now streaming on VOOT. The series is about human fantasies and what people do to achieve them.