Even in exit, Kevin Spacey proved pricey for Netflix

24 . Jan . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix boasted of very good Q4 numbers recently. There are many things for the streaming giant to celebrate. TheDigitalHash.com has extensively covered the Q4 announcements and you can read the coverage here.

But here’s some ‘not so good news’ for the streamer. Netflix suffered a loss of $39 million last quarter and it seems one of the people to be blamed for this loss is Kevin Spacey. The loss accrued is said to be due to unreleased content.

Kevin, who was associated with Netflix for the political ruthless drama House of Cards, had to be dropped from the sixth season of the series following sexually harassment cases against him. Kevin had already shot for some part of the upcoming season. This news affected the Netflix original so much that one anticipated the finale season may never see the light of the day. After much speculation, Netflix announced that Robin Wright – who played Kevin’s spouse in the show – will now be spearheading the series.

Besides House of Cards, Kevin was also part of Gore, the Gore Vidal biopic from which he was also kicked out amidst the allegations. Joining Kevin’s loss making story could also be Louis C. K. The stand-up comedian admitted to assaulting five women. Danny Masterson is another accused sexual predator who cost Netflix losses. His Netflix Original The Ranch is slated to film without him, after the shoot was halted following sexual harassment allegations against him.

Going by this news, Netflix will have to – in the near future – make sure its filming sets are safe places to shoot for both the genders. Not just to minimise losses, but even as a brand, having a safer ‘image’ is definitely preferable.