Evelyn Sharma gives a sneak peek into Stupid Man, Smart Phone

16 . Aug . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Evelyn Sharma, who recently shot in the forests of Tamil Nadu, for VOOT’s Stupid Man Smart Phone, has shared some glimpses into the webisode. The show feature popular digital star Sumeet Vyas as host.

The actress has already shot her for webisode, which according to her taught her a lot, about the beauty of living in sync with the surrounding world. Sumeet steps into the shoes of Russell Kane for this Indian web adaptation of BBC’s Stupid Man Smart Phone.

The Digital Hash has already reported the guest list of the show scheduled to air on VOOT in September. Each episode will have one of these guests along with Sumeet, exploring a different, treacherous environment every episode. Based on the international hit series, they celebs must survive without no training or knowledge of the local language or customs, with only their smart phones and internet access to survive the harsh, uninhabited terrains.

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