Eros Now Tumse Na Ho Payega Review: It is a fun filled ride

18 . Jan . 2019
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  • Eros Now once again shines with a new web series, Tumse Na Ho Payega

Eros Now has been bringing out some entertaining content. The streaming platform first brought out Sidehero, which was about a young man from a filmy family trying to get a foothold in the Indian film industry. Now, Eros Now brings to us Tumse Na Ho Payega, a web series about a guy from a second-tier city coming to big bad Mumbai and finding love, life and everything in between.

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Balam is an engineer who has come to Mumbai for a job, and he already has a job – thanks to the recommendation of his friend Buddy. The two work in the same company, but Balam soon finds out all that comes with a job in megalomaniac Mumbai – a harsh boss, spineless colleagues, and a superior who doesn’t have a clue about what’s happening in the company – or keeping such a close tab on them that he knows what’s going on and doesn’t want to do about it.

What’s WOW: What strikes you hard about the series is the light, frothy DNA of the series. This could be a dark, gritty series that makes audiences think as well as get entertained. However, Eros Now goes ahead with a quirky, full of fun screenplay that makes for good viewing.

The ten-episode web series has great characters and the performers are complete naturals. The best part about the web series is the unforgiving glance it has at the modern world. But the most important message that Tumse Na Ho Payega gives is that in the quickfire world today, there’s no time for redemption, keeping grudges, we just grin and bear it.

The series is a off-the-cuff, unapologetic look at the corporate culture, as we

What’s Blah: Tumse Na Ho Payega is not an out and out comedy, so the characters are to be taken seriously. So, the over simplication and over sexualisation of the female characters stands out. It’s 2019 and having a woman as an arm candy or a stand in for a sexually regressive joke is not a cool idea.

Parting Shot: Even with its flaws, Tumse Na Ho Payega is a good addition to the list of home-grown streaming content.

Cast : Aakash Deep Arora, Juhi Bhatt, Anuradha Athlekar, Sanket Shanware, Maruf Ali, Pratik Kothari, Rajiv Rajaram, Paromita Dey, Trisha Kale

Concept by: Mayank Yadav, Niladri Banerjee

Written & Directed By: Karl Katgara

Tumse Na Ho Payega is streaming on Eros Now now