Eros Now Original Review: Operation Cobra has no sting

16 . Feb . 2019
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  • Operation Cobra has no sting

With homegrown content making a mark on the streaming platforms, more mainstream actors are becoming part of streaming projects. This week sees the release of Operation Cobra, starring Gautam Gulati, Ruhi Singh, Nyra Banerjee, and Tarun Khanna has Gautam play a Government Agent pitted against RPG, a terrorist organization.

Gautam Gulati is a RAW Agent, Karan Singh, who must procure nuclear switches – those that are connected to nuclear bombs before they fall in the hands of RPG, a deadly terrorist organization. Giving his company is a sidekick and a token female agent, who falls in love with him instantly.

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With a wafer-thin plot, this espionage thriller would need some great screenplay, explosive action, and some gripping performances. Unfortunately, Operation Cobra has none of these.

What’s Wow: Operation Cobra has a decent thriller story under everything that doesn’t work for the audiences. With a better director and with a bigger budget, maybe this would have been a decent watch.

What’s Blah: Operation Cobra is not well thought of the project. The chroma work is visible to the trained eye throughout the series. The casual viewer will end up wondering almost every outdoor shot is shot in a pan angle.

There are some interesting arcs, like a human being revived with technology – but that’s just padding. A character kept alive by technology could have done wonders to a screenplay but looks like there’s no budget for it. That same trope was seen in the Justice League film, the character being Cyborg. The direction is uninspired, with almost all the action scenes shot with a wide angle, for reasons unknown.

Speaking about the performances, it seems like all the actors playing their characters have walked from an 80s movie set to this one.

Then, the screenplay takes on almost every cliché that’s been part of mission movies. Thriller and action fans will wonder why secret agents are parachuting into a building bang in the middle of the city and in broad daylight, after being fed scenes of government agents parachuting into fields and only under the cover of the night in other films. The action scenes are blink and miss and are underwhelming. Even the action sequences of 80s films like Lethal Weapon are far, far better than what we see in Operation Cobra in 2019.

Parting Shot: Operation Cobra is a wasted opportunity.

Cast & Crew:

Cast: Gautam Gulati, Ruhi Singh, Tarun Khanna, Nyra Banerjee, Bikramjeet Kanwarpal, Navin Kundra, Pawan Chopra, Donovon Wodehouse

Writers: Carl Austin, Praful Parekh, Adrian Reynolds

Director: Munesh Rawat

Producer: Velocity Films, DO IT Creative, Eros Now