Elnaaz Norouzi goes the bikini way for Netflix Original Sacred Games 2

22 . Nov . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Sacred Games is one of the grittiest, violent web series that has hit the streaming platforms. The uber violence and the crime pits mostly guys against guys. The series has also garnered some criticism that the women characters in the series end up as being secondary characters. Even Anjali Mathur, arguably the fourth most important character in the series doesn’t have much to do.

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People who have seen the series will realise that she will not have much to do in the second season as well. But now, there’s news about Elnaaz Norouzi, who played Zoya in the franchise will have a bigger role in the series. And the newsstands are saying that Norouzi will be donning a bikini for the series. Bikinis are par for the course when it comes to streaming, but the idea that she’ll be donning a bikini in what is essentially an out and out action and crime series makes it interesting.

The second season of Sacred Games is already being shot. After countless controversies and nervousness about whether the series will be shot, the series is back on track with Netflix giving a clean chit to almost all the cast and crew who faced accusations of sexual harassment.