Web Series, Elite Comes to Netflix on October 5

11 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Everyone loves an underdog story – and Elite on Netflix is taking an underdog story and making it a murder/thriller. The trailer Elite is now out and promises a unique story. Three students get a scholarship into one of the most elite schools in the country. While they think this is their good luck, things go all wrong when one of their classmates ends up dead.

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The series has an almost brand-new cast and what really draws the audience is the intense screenplay and a direction that creeps onto the audience. It is interesting to see a murder mystery in a series-about-school-kids with an addition of murder. The basic concept of the series also adds a dash of political statement to the entire series, making it more interesting.

Netflix is fast becoming the home to dark, brooding web series with a story and concept that’s making it far and beyond a snacking channel. Not to forget, Elite does have an 13 Reasons Why hangover.  Also, Netflix is banking on the non-English web series, and that has worked for the streaming platform in spurts and bursts. Watch the trailer here: