Doordarshan planning to get into the OTT business

19 . Jan . 2019
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  • Doordarshan gearing up for OTT business

The oldest broadcaster in India, Doordarshan, might soon have an OTT platform of its own. This announcement was made by Supriya Sahu, the Director General of Doordarshan. She said that OTT is an important platform and Doordarshan is planning to have a digital platform that will allow its content to be shown worldwide. The CEOs of both Prasar Bharti and Doordarshan are working on such a project.

This could be good news for the streaming industry in India, which is growing rapidly but still need a boost of this kind. However, it is easier said than done, because almost all Doordarshan’s iconic shows, like Buniyaad, Khandaan etc are shot in low definition and it would be a task to remaster them into the common resolution online today, 1080p.

Some of Doordarshan’s programming is available on the streaming platforms. For example, Malgudi Days is available on Amazon Prime. Shaktimaan, which was a rage in the 90s is also available on Amazon Prime.