Discovery to premiere Superstar Rajinikanth’s historic TV debut show ‘Into The Wild With Bear Grylls’ on March 23

20 . Mar . 2020
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Discovery, India’s leading and most trusted real-life entertainment network, is all set to premiere  the much anticipated TV debut show of Superstar RajinikanthInto The Wild with Bear Grylls’ at 8:00 pm on March 23 across 12 Discovery channels.

The special episode, shot in Bandipur National Park, will see Superstar Rajinikanth in a never seen before avataar, on an adventure trip with Bear Grylls, doing stunts never done before, discussing wide variety of topics including intimate details about his personal life and issues close to his heart such as water conservation.

Superstar Rajinikanth waited 43 years before making his TV debut as part of this unscripted adventure show. Speaking about his life, Rajinikanth says, “Well, yes, actually, my whole life has been a miracle. It’s a miracle! Even consider this show for example, I never thought of this, not even in my dreams that one day I’ll do a show like this for Discovery!


The show has many challenging feats that the Superstar performs with great perseverance along with Bear, such as crossing a ravine while balancing off an iron bridge suspended 50 feet above a dried riverbed. Rajinikanth, who crosses the bridge with much élan is seen saying, “If anything goes wrong over here….it’s just a rope after all. Moreover, the iron of that bridge it is extremely hot! I couldn’t hold for long as it was hot so I had to move continuously. My God! It is really…yes! I did it!

Shedding light on his journey as an actor who initially began his career as a bus conductor in Bangalore, the episode will feature Rajinikanth in a light that best humanizes him and depicts him the way he is in real life. 

 Explaining how he keeps himself grounded while being revered by the world, Rajnikanth, says, “Yeah, once you’ve acted, it’s finished, I forget Rajinikanth. I go back to Shivaji Rao. Yeah. That’s just work life for me. When somebody reminds me “you are Rajinikanth” then I’ll be like, oh yes! I am Rajinikanth.”

Through the episode, Rajinikanth fans will witness the charming superstar’s never-dying passion to spread awareness about the need to conserve water as he embraces the challenges of the wild. Speaking about the dire need to save the world from the issues faced due to the scarcity of water, the superstar says, “He who rules the water, rules the world.” He continues, “The current situation is heart wrenching. In the world there are 2.1 billion people suffering due to water scarcity.”

Peek into the most anticipated episode of ‘Into The Wild With Bear Grylls’ featuring Rajinikanth