Dil Hi To Hai trailer proves ALTBalaji wants to bring drama to the streaming scene

14 . Jun . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Dil Hi To Hai is the upcoming web series on the ALTBalaji platform, and there’s been some buzz about it even before it hit the screens. The trailer for the series is now out and it shows that this will be another emotional, bittersweet rollercoaster kind of content that ALTBalaji is known for. The show stars Karan Kundra, Yogita Bihani, Poonam Dhillon and others.

The trailer shows that this is a love story of a young male heir of a rich family and a working woman – a doctor at that. The trailer proves that ALTBalaji is bent on providing diverse content to their audiences, that includes horror, thriller, drama and even series that are set in schools and colleges.

Dil Hai To Hai shows the lifestyle that the rich and the famous in India live, and that could be a new thing for the audiences who are weaned on the simple, earthen concepts that generally make their way to the streaming platforms. The series is also the web series debut of Poonam Dhillon, who will be facing the camera after a long time.

Watch the trailer here: