Dice Media’s Operation MBBS Season 2 is India’s 1st web series dedicated to the bravery and sacrifices by the medical fraternity amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

22 . Mar . 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The onset of COVID – 19 brought with it not only a lockdown, but also physical & mental unrest to the frontline medical workers. Recognising their sacrifices, Dice Media returns with Season 2 of its hit series ‘Operation MBBS’, presented by Unacademy. It is India’s first web series covering the pandemic from the perspective of the medical fraternity. In an emotional approach, the show brings to light the unprecedented situations and its impact on the medical community faced when the COVID19 pandemic hit the world. The series will also unfold a myriad of situations that take new turns in the lives of the three protagonists as they gear up for the most crucial 2nd year of the MBBS degree. The pandemic also proves to be a turning point for the trio, as they get a first-hand glimpse into the sacrifices made by doctors for their patients well-being, and is a lesson for all to take back with them. The first episode of Season 2 garnered a viewership of 5M within 48 hours of its launch and was trending on #3 on YouTube.

Season 2 follows the journey of Nishant (Ayush Mehra, Huma (Sarah Hashmi), Sakshi (Anshul Chauhan) into their 2nd year of MBBS, which is regarded as the ‘Honeymoon Period’. Far from it, the central characters go through their own personal and professional battles which is depicted in 2 timelines – pre & post COVID 19. Nishant is determined to change the careless image that has been created about him. Being branded a management quota student, he firmly believes he is worth much more and seeks out to earn that recognition from his peers and faculty. Huma continues to struggle with anxiety stemming from the pressures to succeed, which begins to affect her mental health. Sakshi on the other hand, takes up the courage and stands up for what is right only to attract disciplinary action from the Dean.

As they attempt to understand COVID-19 and its treatment, the trio go through a turbulent time, as emotions run high, and the severity of the pandemic plays out in front of their eyes.

Gullak fame, Amrit Raj Gupta has once again donned the director’s hat with a magnificent team of writers Ayesha Nair, Puneet Batra, and Dr. Pravin Yadav, who lend authenticity and relatability to the series.

Speaking about his experience, Ayush Mehra said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has been a real eye opener. The medical fraternity makes so many sacrifices which most often go unnoticed. With season 2 of Operation MBBS, our aim was to recognise the efforts of all the doctors who put their lives at risk to keep us safe amidst this pandemic. As the world fights against COVID-19, this was our small attempt to create a much needed awareness among the masses of the on-ground reality that they face. Working on the show with the Dice team has been an experience in itself which I will never forget, and I am confident that it will have a positive impact on our audiences.”

Echoing his thoughts, Sarah Hashmi, added, “Medicine is a tough profession; the journey is not easy, and it can take a toll on one’s mental health. There is a growing need to encourage conversations around this, and this is what we wanted to highlight. Through Operation MBBS, we are hopeful of creating this awareness, about the pressures medical students go through, and encourage them to seek the help they deserve, and work towards building a stronger medical community.”

Similarly, Anshul Chauhan shared her thoughts, “Medical professionals follow a strict oath of consciousness, dignity, and doing the best that they can to heal their patients. Many times, as laymen, we tend to forget the sacrifices that they make to live up to their oath. The entire Dice Media team has done justice to this topic which is highly commendable. Through the season, we hope to influence audiences to adopt a more sensitive approach when interacting with medical professionals, even in high pressure si