Dice Media’s Firsts has several real-life experiences of actors Rohan Shah and Apoorva Arora

24 . Feb . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you haven’t watched India’s first, Instagram-based web-series, Firsts by Dice Media, you’re really missing out on something in life. You’re missing out the nostalgia of your first crush, date and kiss and so much more! From just being midway into the series, the popularity seems to be growing each day with already 8.2 million views on Instagram.

“Firsts” being first-of-its-kind in many ways was more like a nostalgie trip for everyone. Relating to each and every moment shown in the series, lead actor Rohan Shah, too remembered the moment when he had his first ever kiss. Reminiscing those days, he says, “While shooting for the episode where Apoorva and I kiss for the first time, I somehow remembered my real-life first kiss. It was pure nostalgia and I just dropped a text saying ‘Hello’ to that girl.”

In fact, when Rohan and Apoorva read the script for the first time, they instantly agreed to be part of it! Apoorva said, “We just wanted to re-live those days when love was nothing but innocence and truth.

Rohan said, “Once we read the script, it was very difficult to stay true to the script. We made changes in the first draft, the second one as well, and even as we were shooting. So, a lot of what you see is inspired by our personal lives as well as the on-screen chemistry we shared. And what truly worked for Firsts, is the synchronised energy between the actors, director and writers.”

Ask about that one episode that has a real-life experience in it, Apoorva said, “There’s this episode where there’s a collage video made for my crush. There’s not a single photo of us together in it! This was something that I did in my school days and I made sure it was incorporated in the series.”

Ready to take a trip down the memory lane? Go Catch the episodes of ‘Firsts’ on Dice Media’s Instagram channel and subsequently released on its YouTube page.