Dhwaj leaves Nagpur to fly high in Jaipur Film World!

28 . Mar . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Sant Kabir Anath Ashram Seva Bhavi Bahuudesshiya Sanstha based in Akola, founded by Nagesh Wahurwagh has produced a short film titled Dhwaj. This film made by the efforts of a group from Nagpur is all set to open the ‘Jaipur Film World’ an event where independent films from Columbia, France, Canada, Bulgaria, Iran, Italy, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Germany and other countries will be showcased apart from creating space for independent filmmakers from India.

This thirty-minute film Dhwaj is directed by Subodh Uke, and the cinematography has been done by Sachin Shete. Ajay Lonare, Mickey Ramteke, Nitin Maraskolhe, Anil Prajapati, Saurabh Masram, Vaibhav Choudhari, Suraj Jaiswal, Swapnil Bhogade, Sachin Shete and child artistes Aakash Bhujade and Badal Bhujade have acted in the film.

Director Subodh Uke says Dhwaj, based on a true event is a tale of two brothers. A boy who earns is livelihood by selling flags and his brother who doesn’t do much apart from wasting his time.

Following a lot of hullaballoo in a family in a high rise building, once a currency note falls from the window. The brothers run to get it. We discover only later that the boy selling flags had his eyes on a falling flag, not the money.

The film has been shot in Nagpur with few cameras and completed within a stringent budget of Rupees 15,000.