Dharmendra’s international short film debut ‘Dream Catcher’ to go to Oscars

01 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Dharmendra is known to experiment with his roles since a while. Now, the veteran actor will be making his international short film debut with the Indo-Australian project ‘Dream Catcher’, which also stars Miss Fiji World 2016, Pooja Priyanka. Along with Pooja, ‘Dream Catcher’ stars Travis Jeffery.

Part of the film is shot in a church in Officer’s Colony, Civil Lines, Gurgaon. Some scenes are also shot in Sector 29. The executive producer of the film, Saurabh Giri revealed in an interaction that they decided to shoot in the unexplored part of Gurgaon, because the general idea about Gurgaon was just a commercial hub with corporate offices.

He also revealed further about the film that it will be sent for the Oscars 2018 under the Short Film Category.