Delhi Crime review: It is a stunning, triumphant and at the same time a tragic look at the incident and people involved with it

25 . Mar . 2019
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The 2012 Delhi rape case caused ripples all through the world and India hasn’t yet forgotten it. One problem with crime cases is that nobody ever captures all the facets of the incident. Mostly, whenever anyone makes a film on a crime, the police are painted badly and then there’s a vigilante that handles the criminal in their own way. Delhi Crime is an account of the case files of the Nirbhaya molestation case. Here’s the review.

What’s Wow: Delhi Crime is a stunning, triumphant and at the same time a tragic look at the incident and people involved with it. With a story and facts that’s well known, there would be only ways to watch this series. We could either rage-watch it or watch it to pay attention to the various anecdotes that are part of this gruesome story.

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Richie Mehta, puts the spotlight on some of the most compelling characters in this story. For example, he creates a distinct story of the poor Delhi and the rich, connected Delhi with the help of the young college student character. She is the eye that modern India kept on the Delhi rape case. And the screenplay shows what role modern India played in the whole incident – and whether it was positive or intrusive.

The nitty gritty story arcs show off the underlying aspects in the characters life. For example, a young female police officer must stop her parents from arranging dowry, while another police officer has trouble looking for a groom for his daughter.

The series should also work as closure to one of the darkest chapters in Indian history. Nobody stopped it from happening, but nobody wanted it to happen as well. But there should be no doubt that everybody decided, in one full cry, that something like this will never happen in their city.

What comes cross to the audience is the passion that underlies the entire series. There’s no doubt that every actor playing every character was equally moved when the scenes were being shot. After all, this is the case that change the way India looks at sexual assault.

What’s Blah: Nothing

Parting Shot : An explosive, intrinsic look at the Delhi Molestation case.

Cast & Crew :

Cast: Shefali Shah, Rajesh Tailang, Rasika Duggal, Yashaswini Dayama

Director: Richie Mehta

Writers: Laurence Bowen, Toby Bruce, Richie Mehta