Dashing Debuts in the Streaming World

29 . Dec . 2017
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The streaming world saw a lot of new blood, in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. In Hollywood, some of the greatest female talents came together to give the streaming world some of their biggest successes. In Bollywood, actors who wanted to experiment with roles out of their zone did their bit for the streaming platforms. We list the top 10 Bollywood and Hollywood debuts in the world of streaming.

#1 Siddhant Chaturvedi (Prashant Kanaujia, Inside Edge)

Siddhant Chaturvedi starred in the most important Amazon Prime show for India. This was a make or break one, as the Indian streaming eco-system was just beginning, and everyone wondered whether a streaming series aimed at India would make it. Siddhant stood out in the eclectic cast as the small-town boy wonder who’s at the epicentre of a controversy that’s about to rock India’s cricketing world.

#2 Karishma Sharma (Ragini MMS Returns)

The sultry beauty created a bang when she debuted in the ALTBalaji original Ragini MMS Returns, a spin off of the hit horror franchise, Ragini MMS. Karishma plays the titular character and as expected, Karishma has some pretty bold scenes, along with Riya Sen.

#3 David Harbour (Jim Hopper, Stranger Things)

Come awards season, David Harbour is going to be very busy and a well-rewarded man.  The way his character turns from a washed-out cop to one the entire cast of character looks up to for her is stunning. David has been the predominant force in making Stranger Things what it is – the best sci-fi series that’s streaming.

#4 Alison Tolman (Deputy Molly Solverson)

Alison Tolman won critical acclaim for her performance as the very pregnant police-woman who catches the culprit in Fargo. Alison brought out the intensity and the emotion that’d go into being a woman police officer, and that too from a family of police officers. Tolman excelled in the thriller sequences as well as the cutesy romance story-arc that she had.

# 5 Jean Claude Van Damme (Jean Claude Van Johnson, Jean Claude Van Johnson)

There’s certainly more to JCVD than an 80s action series career and that’s just coming out in the Amazon Original Jean Claude Van Johnson. The series is based on the idea that his career was built so he could carry out black ops in other countries and of course, America. Jean has earlier shown us his acting chops with films like JCVD and this is just an addition to a profile he’s been building.

These are the five dashing debuts that 2017 saw for the world of streaming. What’s on your list? Tell us in the comments section!

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