Daredevil returns to Netflix in October

21 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Fans consider Daredevil to be the web series that boosted the superhero concepts on the popular streaming services. Today, Amazon and Netflix have some of the best superhero web series but audiences are waiting with bated breath for Daredevil 3, the third season of the web series that started it all.

Netflix has just launched the trailer for the third season, and it promises to be as brutal and engaging as the first two seasons were.  The first two seasons has Wilson Fisk as the antagonist, but there’s no saying who the villain be, this time around. The teaser trailer, through an intense monologue, hints at Daredevil becoming much more brutal and lethal than he already is. In Netflix-Marvelverse, he and Electra might be having the greatest number of kills, and Iron Fist could end second.

This could also be the final Marvel web series that Netflix would have, now that the Disney streaming channel is a reality. So, its time for Netflix subscribers to dig themselves into one last Marvel binge watch over at Netflix.