Culture Machine brings NBA to streaming screens

16 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Culture Machine has been on the forefront of creating unique and engaging content for Indian audiences. Now, in a bid to bring unscripted shows to these audiences, Culture Machine has tied up with NBA to bring basketball game highlights and other original programming through platforms like Being Indian, Put Chutney, Viva and Blush.

The proposal will have Culture Machine produce daily short form videos that cover on and off court NBA stories that include highlights, on-court rivalries, player profiles, the history of NBA in India, memorable fan moments, player celebrations, bloopers, etc.  The contract will also see Culture Machine make an original, one of its kind documentary on the basketball culture in India. This will act as a booster shot for basketball in India, which has a big following but hasn’t really hit the mainstream button in India yet.

This is the first time that a sport based unscripted show will be created for the streaming platforms. In the international streaming scene, streaming platforms are already signing up with basketball and baseball companies to broadcast sports ceremonies and even matches for the streaming audiences.