Cricket Movies to Uplift Your Mood

25 . May . 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes

There is no doubt that cricket is the most popular sport in India. At times it’s seen more like a religion than a sport in this part of the world. Whenever there’s a big match on, it feels like the whole country stops and everyone breathes as one, focused on the game. Everyone waits with bated breath on what the next play will bring. Sadness or joy.

In every part of India, streets are chock full of children holding bats, while others hurl balls at them. Cricket is one thing that unites Indians across the globe like nothing else. It’s a simple sport that isn’t demanding in infrastructure and it favors the physical attributes of people from this region, so they aren’t only competitive on a world stage but can dominate.

Like every sport, cricket too is full of drama, and what better medium to translate it than through the power of cinema. If we already covered shows about cricket, maybe it’s time for an article about inspirational movies about the sport. Bollywood has made its fair share of movies about cricket. Maybe too many, if we’re honest. And, while there have been smash-hits, like Lagaan, others have flopped or gone unnoticed. Azhar is a good example of one that underperformed, both financially and critically.

So, seeing as there have been so many entries in this sports film sub-genre, let’s have a look at a few that can lift your spirit while you take in the game and with it some positive vibes.

Million Dollar Arm – A Big Jackpot Win

Million Dollar Arm - Wikipedia

Disney is no stranger in making you feel positive emotions while you’re watching one of their films. Especially those that are based on true stories, and this one is no exception. In this Jon Hamm vehicle, he plays sports agent J.B Bernstein, a man who risks his career to go to India to find the next big pinching sensation for the MLB. It’s a bumpy road and while success seems unlikely at first, in the end, his two prodigies, Singh and Patel, pull through and earn contracts with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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Sachin – a Billion Dreams – The Story of a Legend

Sachin: A Billion Dreams - Wikipedia

When it was announced that a documentary about Sachin Tendulkar was in production, people naturally got excited. Indians have craved for years to see Sachin’s personal life in detail on the big screen. To hear and see stories and aspects of his journey they have never known about before.

His legend is so big that it transcends any flaws this documentary might have as the love for its protagonist takes over. You almost can’t criticize the film out of respect for the play and a deep-seated sense of nostalgia. It’s undoubtedly well-made, and is sure to give you goosebumps as you take a stroll down memory lane, with Sachin.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari – You Can’t Help but Smile

Is 'Ferrari Ki Sawaari' available to watch on Netflix in America ...

This is a slightly older film, but that doesn’t mean that its themes are dated. On the contrary, a father’s love for his son is an eternal motif. And, while it might not be the perfect film, and it possesses several flaws, its heart is in the right place and it will warm yours too.

The story revolves around a cricket-obsessed boy, who wishes to go visit the Lord’s Cricket Ground in London and play alongside his hero Sachin Tendulkar. He and his father from a Laurel-and-Hardyesque pair, whose adventures rival those of the famous duo. This movie is a joyful and emotional ride that might make you chase after your dreams.