Creativity needs to be free and uncurbed: Sarah Jane Dias

21 . Jan . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Sarah Jane Dias is part of Parchayee, the ZEE5 web series that has stories based on Ruskin Bond stories. The series is just one of the original home-grown programming that’s hit Indian streaming screens. We caught up with Sarah Jane Dias for a tete-a-tete about her experience shooting for the web series.

How did you become part of Parchayee?

I was approached by Bani J. I thought that this was an interesting character to play. That’s how it all happened.

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Have you read any of the Ruskin Bond stories?

I have read other Ruskin Bond stories, like Maharani and other books. But I have never read any of his ghost stories. I have a group of friends who grew up in and around Mussorrie. They used to speak about him and his work.

How was the shooting experience?

The experience was incredible. We shot in Chhail. I did my own stunts. It was interesting, I was to hang from a tree, and it was -1 degrees in Chhail. The role was challenging, because I play a ghost and, in the episode, the girl commits suicide. It was a very disturbing character to play. As an actor, it’s nice to have such challenges.

Do you think Ruskin Bond stories are perfect for the streaming audiences?

You see, Ruskin Bond books are unique and timeless. They weren’t written keeping in mind whether they’d be adapted by anyone, whether in mainstream or streaming.

How has your experience been, shooting for web series?

It’s been amazing. Since web has been introduced, the market has really opened for content creators. It’s nice to see so many different genres of content available. The rate of consumption has increased, so the rate of creation has also increased. It’s great to see this new form of content coming up.

What other genre would you like to experiment in?

I want to experiment with different genres and have done all kinds of genres between television and films. I am generally very open to ideas and don’t have any preferences of choices in that matter.

Your thoughts on a censor board for streaming?

I have had a film that was censored and it was unfair, the way our creativity was curbed, by being told that it was disrespectful to a certain sect or class. I think creativity needs to be free and uncurbed. I think the responsibility of whether content is disrespectful to the society is on society itself. There is enough exposure and information out there to pollute people’s mind. I don’t think you can blame that on creativity. We live in a society in which the line between what’s okay and what’s not is very blurry.

What’s next for you?

I have a couple of projects in the pipeline. I will start shooting for it somewhere in the end of February.

That’s our conversation with Sarah Jane Dias. We hope we see more of the talented actress on the streaming platforms.