There are too many people in the fashion industry: Vijaya

07 . Dec . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Vijaya is one of the most popular fashion divas who rule the social media. The actor has walked the ramp for several top line fashion designers. She made her web series debut a while ago.

The stunning beauty is part of Streaming Calendar 2018. We caught up with her for a short chat and here’s the transcript:

What’s your fashion mantra?

My fashion mantra is being simple, but something that creates a trend. I usually wear something casual and chic.  I like making it fun and stylish.

Who is your favourite Indian and international fashion designer?

My favourite Indian and International designer is Rocky S. He is quite famous internationally as well as in India. His designs are smart and flowy. I have walked for him several times.

What kind of attire do you like, Indian or foreign?

I think a both of both – sometimes traditional and sometimes modern. I love the traditional designs of Manish Malhotra or Wendell Rodrigues.

Who, according to you is the hottest male model in India?

Prabh Uppal. I think he’s very photogenic.

And the hottest female model?

Ricky Chaterjee. She is fab on the ramp. She sizzles.

What’s the worst thing about the fashion industry according to you?

The worst thing about the fashion industry is that there’s too many people coming up every day. There’s a struggle and it isn’t as glamorous as it looks. You need to put in a lot of hard work. It is not easy.

What’s your suggestion to men and women planning to come into the fashion industry?

I would tell them to come prepared. You think that it is all easy and fun and glamorous. Come prepared.

Tell us about your short film.

I have done this short film titled In Transition that’s directed by Prashant Pandey. It’s about two struggling actors who are living together and are looking to kickstart their career. I really felt connected to it.

What’s the web series that you enjoyed watching?

I have been watching Permanent Room Mates.

What are the two hashtags that define you?

I think there are two hash tags, Loving Life and Living Life.

You can watch the conversation with Vijaya below