MTV Splistvilla was the best part of my career – Scarlett Rose

07 . Dec . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Scarlett Rose is well known name among social media lovers and reality show lovers alike. This active travel blogger is also part of Streaming Calendar 2018. In a special free-wheeling chat, Scarlett reveals to about her shift to blogging, social media interactions, and much more.

After Acting and hosting, how did you land up doing travel blogging?

Miss Goa was the start of my career. After that I did MTV Splitsvilla, and it was the best part of my career. That was followed by other stuff on TV. Travel blogging attracted me as I just love travelling. And if you are getting paid to travel, which travel lover will say no.

How were your initial days as a travel blogger?

My initial days were very difficult as I was not much aware of what the ‘travel blogger’ job entails. All I would do is unwind and rejuvenate at such trips. But I have realised that apart from enjoying these excursions, I also have to look at the business/professional aspects.

Do you have any unticked destinations on your travel wish list?

I want to go to Paris. I have also not visited Europe, Greece to name a few. I have heard a lot about Australia and New Zealand.

How are your social media interactions?

Luckily, I have had a positive experience on the social media with my followers. People have been encouraging and sweet to me. As a person, I believe in encouragement and positivity.

How do you handle haters/trollers?

I have followed one rule in life: when you do good in life, people will hate you. So I am okay with all such negative comments, as long as I have many others loving me.

Do you watch any web series?

Yes, I am been Netflix-ing of late. I stream Gossip Girl, Blacklist and Narcos.

How do you react when you are compared to Kim Kardashian?

I don’t copy her style, but since our body type is the same people compare the two of us. To me, this comparison is cool. Two people can look the same.

 If not an entertainer, you would have been?

I think I might have been a DJ or a teacher maybe.

You can watch the interview of Scarlett below