Sanghmitra Hitaishi: “Short films are the future, as people today have short term deficit disorder.”

02 . Dec . 2017
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Sanghmitra Hitaishi is on a roll. After having gained critical acclaim for her midwife portrayal in short film The Guide, the actress is gearing up for a Spanish film release. The talented actress indulged in a free-wheeling chat with

Sanghmitra Hitaishi is a Berlinale Talent, selected in 2015 and was mentored by Oscar winning actress Melissa Leo.


How did The Guide come your way?

I am friends with the director Pankaja Thakur’s husband. And she approached me for this role. I was apprehensive to play the role of a 40 year old, almost double my age. But we worked on the aging bit. In my real life, I definitely have an older person in me, but now I am trying to be more childlike.

What kind of reviews came your way?

The Guide had a lot of polarized reviews. There have been criticisms like there is too much content in the film to process. But the film is about one day in the life of a woman and that is all that she goes through.  I generally, don’t trust good reviews about me. One of my acquaintance said that she is too polished for a village woman. Sadly, a lot of urbane folk draw their village knowledge from Bollywood, which is a far-stretch from reality.

How do you handle trollers and haters?

Earlier, I used to be self-involved and not respond. But I have learned better, and now I respond to any good comment that comes my way. I mostly block the haters. I also delete not-so-good comments. I consider my mother to be the biggest troller (Laughs). She has recently discovered emoticons. And to a serious post by me, she would respond with the most absurd, unrelated animated emoticon.

How do you see short films growing as a medium?

Short films are the future, as people today have short term deficit disorder. And when you give them something they can watch at comfort, that is what people will like. As a format, short films are booming.

Do you watch stuff online?

I watch Off-camera with Sam Jones is a 35-40 minute video with different actors. There are YouTube channels like Cineflix, Film Affinity, Terribly Tiny Tales, Pocket Films, and Large Short films. I also watch a lot of stand-up on political. I feel comedy is best when it is comical. I also liked Tandav by Devashish.

Which are your future projects?

I am part of a Spanish film ‘El Desentierro’, where I play a Pakistani character called Nahid, to release in 2018. But foreign projects are way more organized than their Indian counterparts. I am also doing a short film Chudala with Sanjai Mishra, and another Feature Boy in Bollywood by the makers of Jia and Jia.

What is your ideal role?

When I did BA Pass 2, I went into depression. There were dialogues like who will marry me. I have been constantly cast as a docile Indian woman; I want to be spy–that’s an ideal role for me. The Spanish film was a breath of fresh air.

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