The fashion industry abroad is quite strict: Pooja Bimrah

28 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Pooja Bimrah is an international model who has a lit Instagram account. She is part of Streaming Calendar ’18 that’s coming out soon. We sat down with Pooja Bimrah for a quick tete-a-tete during the shoot. Here’s the transcript of the interview.

How did you take the dive from business to the fashion industry?

That was sudden. I didn’t plan for it. It happened in 2015, when I did my first international pageant. Before that, I was working with a grooming company as a brand solution manager. So, shifting from that area to a completely glamorous one was quite different.

You are from Bhopal and now living in Mumbai. How different is Bhopal from Mumbai? 

Bhopal is a very peaceful city and there’s no traffic, unlike Mumbai where you take three hours to reach your shoot. Bhopal hasn’t been explored much. As a city, Mumbai is nice, the exposure is amazing.

What’s fashion according to you?

Fashion is something that you create yourself. The moment you feel comfortable in something, that’s fashion for you.

Who’s the sexiest foreign model, according to you?

Naomi Campbell, she is amazing.

How different is the fashion industry abroad, as compared to India?

The fashion culture abroad is very professional. It’s not that Indian fashion industry is lagging, but the fashion culture out of India is quite professional and very strict.

Who is your favourite Indian and foreign designer?

My favourite Indian designer is Sabyasachi. I think he has really reinvented Indian culture through his clothes. I’d like to wear his piece for my wedding day. A designer from abroad would be Ellie Saab. I think his clothes are very regal and aristocratic.

How do you handle online trolling?

Trolling happens a lot. You should be very mature while handling that because you can’t really go online and blabber against these comments.  So, better option is to handle all these trolls in a mature way and not commenting on them.

What’s your take on Streaming ’18 calendar?

This concept is quite new. We have been seeing such things in the TV industry and the film industry and of course in the fashion industry. It has come for the first time in the streaming industry. I am excited about it.

What is your advice to youngsters coming into the fashion industry?

You should be well prepared before getting into this industry. If you are well groomed, you know that you will achieve all that you wish to. Grooming yourself after coming into the industry is very difficult.

Pooja had some amazing insights on the fashion industry in India as well as abroad. We wish her all the luck in her future endeavours.

You can watch the conversation with Pooja Bimrah below:-