In Conversation with Lakshmi R. Iyer

04 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Lakshmi R. Iyer is a woman with many hats. Besides being a Marketing Consultant for IBM Dubai, she has also directed-produced a short film Appa, and also shown her acting prowess in it.

Here’s a transcript of our free-wheeling conversation with Lakshmi R. Iyer

The thought was always there for nearly 34 years. I am closest to my dad; I have got a wonderful father like every daughter. But I think my father is a little more special. Over the years it has been a love hate relationship. I have been a rebel child. I have done everything a regular South Indian girl won’t do. I though ek film banate hain, kyunki papa bahot ache and special hain. Life interesting mazedaar hai, toh film banate hain. Then concept ban gaya, I produced-directed and I did every department almost. My father is 74 now; I am the youngest child amongst 5. Now he has become a child. I am just expressing, my love to my father for showing what a wonderful father he has been in my life.  It is very close to my heart. It has been a lot of struggle – bad marriage, marital rape, many things together and how I fought back. It is not negative but shows positive aspect of life as to how do you go about things.

I am not said anything is good or bad. It is a story you learn from it, you see it you believe in it, it is just a story.

Why did you plan to release Appa on YouTube?

I work for IBM Dubai, as a marketing Consultant, and the money comes from there – my salary. It was a very simple concept – I put the money, make a good film, I release it on YouTube. There was no incentive or the agenda. I wanted it to be pure. A story like this should not be mixed up with a production house or creative content if it is changed – marketing ke liye isme jewellery dikhado, and usko bech dete hain. Mujhe woh karna nahi tha, I was very against that.

How many days did you complete the shoot in?

Four days. Everybody was very supportive. It was back to back, with no break. Everyone co-operated alone I can’t do it.

Acting-producing directing, what do you like the most?

I am possessive and passionate about everything. One thing I enjoyed the most is acting. I have a lot of variations in terms of role – I am a young, bubbly girl, a little rebel, I even have a tattoo of rebel; then there’s this housewife who has changed after depression. So there’s depression, sadness, madness. It has given me an opportunity to showcase my caliber as an actor. I have just done a film with Viacom called Disco Valley, but it didn’t release. I have done a lot of things, which didn’t release. But today I say it is all good. Jo hota hai woh acche ke liye hota hai, aur jo nahi hota woh bhi acche ke liye nahi hota.  So it’s all good. I am very positive in life.

You can watch the interview below :-