In Conversation with the versatile singer – Ash King

22 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Singer Ash King most recent venture is Tum Khoobsurat Ho, which is a collaboration with musician Gaurav Dagaonkar. The song talks about women realizing their own potential, without the need to impress the men in their lives by changing/altering themselves in anyway. In a free-wheeling chat with, the versatile singer Ash King, talks about his digital obsession.

You recently collaborated with Gaurav Dagaonkar for SongFest’s song Tum Khoobsurat Ho.

It is nice to sing something that had a social message. I normally sing Bollywood romantic songs and occasionally fun songs like Auntyji. Tum Khoobsurat Ho is a different way of appreciating someone. It is reaffirming, that you don’t need to do so much for us, you are beautiful the way you are.

What makes you go live on social media?

I travel a lot and listen to the radio. If I like a song a lot, I just sing along and put up that moment on my Instagram page.

Which is the last song you streamed?

Mess Me Up by Natalia Lalwani. She is an Indian singer; based in LA She is an amazing singer and song-writer. I head it on YouTube.

Is there are song you want to do an unplugged version of?

I really like 90s Bollywood Songs, though they came across as cheesy we like their melody. If they are done in an acoustic way, they will sound nice. An acoustic version of Jaadu Teri Nazar will be very good.

Between live performance and recording in a studio, which one do you prefer?

There’s nothing like performing in front of a live audience. And then interacting with them on my social media is another experience. Recording in a studio is a personal experience. You express and emote into the microphone.

What kind of content do you consume of the web?

I watch a lot of football online as I am travelling most of the time. I also Netflix a lot, it is almost my social life. I have Netflix partners- different partners for different series. I watch Zoo, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad and Narcos.

What about composing for web series?

If I was doing my own web series I would love to compose for it, it’s all about expressing messages.

You can watch the interview of Ask King here