Content Creators are waking to the importance of music in web series

06 . Nov . 2018
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  • Content Creators are using music to promote their web series.

People in the film business will tell you that music is the most important part of pre-buzz for a film. Traditionally, the music launch of a film used to kick off all the promotional activities around a film. The music launch of a film also meant that the film was in good hands and is a definite release. Music is also important from the financial point of view. Long after a film has completed its Box office run, the music of the film still earns money for the financiers of the film, thanks to radio and music channel runs.

With the streaming segment becoming as big as the film segment, it was only a matter of time that the music of a web series took centre stage. As bigger names and more money started coming to streaming projects, we saw several web series working towards creating a buzz with their music. It started with some of the indie content creators working on their music to create a buzz for themselves.

The Zoom Studios brought out a single, Jaa Raha, from their web series, The Reunion. That garnered then around 40,000 views and created a buzz around the project. That was followed by Aaya Na Tu, by Arjun Kanungo. That song and video became a chartbuster on the mainstream music lists too. Bindaas came into the game with their song, Up, Up and Away, from their web series The Trip. But what really made people look at web series music in a big way were the music videos from the Cheers! What’s Your Status Web series that streamed on the Ultra Shorts channel.

The Timeliners also came into the mix with two songs from their web series, College Romance hitting the streaming platforms one after the other. The web series Still About Section 377 also used a classic song, Dil Shagna Da and launched it as a music video.

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But maybe the only company that made the best use of a music video was Dice Media, who used two songs to promote their web series Little Things. Those videos were launched around the time that Dice Media announced Little Things Season 2 will be on Netflix.

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As said earlier, using music to promote the actual content has been done earlier, but even web series creators are rising to the growing popularity.