“I am completely addicted to Netflix” – Shefali Shah

27 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Celebrated actor Shefali Shah has found a new passion. She has recently been hooked onto Netflix and can’t stop gushing about it. She has also starred in a short film, Juice by Neeraj Ghaywan. In an exclusive chat with TheDigitalHash.com, Shefali talks about the patriarchal system in the country, her new fixation with Netflix and her love for Benedict Cumberbatch.

What reactions has Juice generated since its premiere at Jio MAMI 2017?

It is an extremely powerful and relevant. The best part of the film is that it is nuanced. Until most part of the film nothing happens, until the climax. Then you what to watch the film again to see every single time my character Manju is beaten down.

How different is working in a short film vis-à-vis the other mediums?

It is a challenge, because you are creating a character in a shorter span of time. But overall, it is an exciting challenge.

Do you consume digital content?

Earlier, my family was addicted to Netflix. But recently I too have joined the gang. I am completed addicted to Netflix and I can’t blame anyone else doing the same. One of my favorite shows is House of Cards. Its writing, performances and direction is awesome. The relationship between the lead pair – Frank and Claire Underwood share is unlike any relationship I have seen between a man and a woman. I just hope they come up with the next season.

Which is the last series you binged watched?

I am really late. I am watching How to Get Away with Murder. In the past one month I have covered 5 series. Now, I have a deal with my husband Vipul and me. We take turns to use the AV room.

Do you have a crazy binge watch story?

Just last night, I started at 9 pm. I stopped at 5 in the morning, because I had to get some sleep for this interaction.

Which series is on your watch-list next?

I have to watch Mind-Hunter. I have to see Sherlock; I am in love with Benedict Cumberbatch. I also loved Crown, and its next season is all set to stream. I also liked The Fall and especially Gillian Anderson’s performance in it.

You can watch the interview of Shefali Shah here