Complete Line-up of Whatashort International Independent Film Festival ’17

06 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

This year Whatashort will be celebrating its 3rd annual film festival WIIFF 17 on 8-9th of July with some amazing short films. Whatashort has picked up 8 best short films gathered from around the world as a must watch list for the cinephiles. These movies will be screened in the film festival.

Amrita aur Main :

Amrita and Amroz lived under same roof, in separate rooms with ineffable love. Both artists, Amrita a writer and Amroz a painter, had same inspiration of love. They spent a life together until Amrita departed from corporeal world to the height of spirits where she never died through her poems and animated into Amroz’s exquisite paintings.

Moh Dia Tandhaa :

This is a story of brother and sister got separated in the vagaries of life. Eventually they meet after a long time to sell their parental house and unit in the differences they’d grown up into.

Impasse :

A blind date set up by a mutual friend took a thriller twist when the guy reveals his true intention and tries to entice the girl into a irreversible situation until the girl outsmart him with her quick wits.

Living Idle :

Living idle is a symbolic short film that reflects every action has a consequence. The story revolves around a creative sculptor of idols that puts life and colour into cluster of mud and clay. Unfortunately, he fails to add colour to his own world – his family and child. When his insolence surged up into intolerance the idol Goddess Durga punished him, disparaging him into worthless – idle. The film concludes with a deep dawn of realisation of how a single action takes away from him his ability to be a prolific sculptor – that of clay and stone and that of his child’s future.

School Bag :

The School Bag captures the adorable love between mother and son, the financial confinement and her stressful marriage. The sight of Farooq’s merriment when his wish has been granted stays for a fleeting moment when the Radio airs a doleful news.


Frida receives a call from her ex-boyfriend. She goes with hope of reviving what was left months ago, however, she didn’t know she have to face a topsy-turvy situation from which she couldn’t help herself out.

Baba :

A mother hides the truth in fear of losing her son. A son embarks on a journey to India to find his biological father.

Rinn :

A sister travel  in search for her estranged brother who has renounced all worldly possessions and relationships to follow the sacred life of an ascetic. The story is set at the Rinn mukhteshwar temple in India, where people pray in hope of absolving of their deeds.