Christopher Nolan slams Netflix way of doing business

27 . Jul . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix’s way of not doing business with cinema hall is created animosity against them. Christopher Nolan has joined the ranks of those against Netflix’s ‘exclusive’ tag for their originals. According to reports, Nolan finds this kind of approach of ‘streaming  only’ films completely pointless.

The reports suggest that the Dark Knight trilogy director prefers the Amazon way, which allows a film a theater run for 90 days, before it returns to base on the streaming front.  During a media interaction, the guru of intense films said that he thought Netflix was missing a very big opportunity. In fact, during the interaction, Nolan even accused Netflix of planning to shut down theaters.

This comes right during the time when the Netflix originals are losing their sheen. Netflix has some big names in its inventory, but all of them are losing popularity quickly. For example, House of Cards, which started as a great series complete with political intrigue and personal drama has turned into the story of a megalomaniac who just can’t lose. It’s as eeriee as a supernatural being winning, winning and winning. That storyline is alienating many fans.

Some of the docu-dramas that are available on Netflix aren’t critic favourites too. While everyone commended Netflix for getting the ‘The Most Hated Woman In America’ story out there, they weren’t quite happy  with how the film turned out.

With a film-maker like Christopher calling out Netflix, it remains to be seen if other film-makers follow suit.