“Chits ki jagaha notes banayenge” – A way of life by TVF cause studying should not be the death of learning

13 . Nov . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

~TVF in association with #BreakTheBeard, brings to you another sketch filled with satire on the current state of education in schools and the tarnished process of learning~

Cheating is a disease. Cheating is cool. Cheating is a tradition followed in every school. But
little does one know, that cheating is the very consequence of the pressure to perform better
in future and the backlash of failing, faced in the past. The new sketch by The Viral Fever
Padh le Basanti’ throws a light on how the current practices of educating children are
actually failing to fulfil the very goal, of educating.
Basing it on the plot and characters of the iconic movie Rang De Basanti, this sketch has a
power-packed star cast in the form of Gagan Arora, Ranjan Raj, Mayur More, Shreya
Chakraborty, Priya Yadav, Harsh Mayar, Anant Singh, this sketch shows how four students of
“Basanti Christ Convent International School” risk it all to make things
better for the masses studying in their school. This satirical commentary on turning education
into business with loads of references from Rang De Basanti, aims to motivate school-goers to
learn in the right way by making notes, self-study and group studies, instead of resorting to
shady ways of passing the exams.
Commenting on the video, Gagan Arora who starred in Ujda Chaman and various web series
said, “Studying should be a process of learning and learning should be voluntary and not

forced. When one is forced to learn they feel pressurized. Cheating is a consequence of fear
and pressure. Education happens when you are learning what interests you, something that
you are curious about. Darr aur education agar coexist kartey hai to usse training kehtey hai,
education nahi. This is what we have tried to portray in the video”.
In association with Gillette for #BreakTheBeard this sketch written by Prashant Kumar, and
directed by Sangram Naiksatam shows the need to break the wheel of turning education to
business and the futility of cheating through, rib ticking jokes, great performances and
popular references making it worth a watch. “Where to watch?” Just download the TVFplay
app or let us help you out with that.

Watch the video here: