Chingari strikes a chord with NH Studioz and launches ‘Chingari Multiplex’

12 . Oct . 2020
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Through this partnership both the brands aim to capture the emerging audience in the movies segment. The beginning of ‘Chingari Multiplex’ will pay tribute to the legend of Indian Cinema Amitabh Bachchan by screening his movies  


Adding another feather to its cap, home-grown short-videos sharing platform, Chingari announces collaboration with NH Studioz, a pioneer in Indian Film Industry. Chingari has announced its license agreement with the leading content house with distribution of Indian cinema around the globe – NH Studioz. With this new collaboration, Chingari enters the forte of movies and announces the launch of their own movies. These movies will be launched on October 11, 2020, as a special tribute to the legend of Indian cinema Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, screening his blockbuster movies.

The new pact with NH Studioz is in line with Chingari’s efforts to collaborate with multiple entertainment platforms to offer the best user experience to its consumers through the homegrown social media app. NH Studioz has a vast library of 1400 titles and this will give an opportunity to Chingari consumers to watch the most popular and blockbuster movies of Mr. Amitabh Bacchan along with some interesting collection of movies. Chingari Multiplex will screen a free pack of Amitabh Bacchan’s all-time hits like ‘Hum’, ‘Shaan’, ‘Lal Badshah’, ‘Sarkar’, ‘Kohram’ and many more.

Mr Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO of Chingari, also narrated his views on the deal. He said, “The partnership with NH Studioz is crucial for Chingari, taking us closer to the users and making us more user-friendly, not just in terms of technology or content creation but also understanding their interest levels. Majority of the population in India is still hooked on to watching movies and enjoys revisiting the old classics. We feel that if we make an improvement or additions to the product it will have an impact on millions of users. This will also enhance our associations with the users and create a strong bond with our users.”

Mr. Deepak Salvi, Co-founder & COO – Chingari, stated, “We are happy to associate with one of the oldest and the pioneers in the Indian film industry, the NH Studios. Our collaboration will change the perspective of Chingari consumers of watching the movies. We are also glad that Chingari has got an opportunity to pay tribute to the living legend of Hindi Cinema on his birthday by screening his blockbuster movies on Chingari multiplex. This also earmarks the launch of ‘Chingari Multiplex’ dedicated to only movie screenings. Indian viewers have evolved over the period of time and there has been a paradigm shift in the way we watch the movies. Today, OTT platforms have picked up in a big way and Chingari is happy to announce their Chingari movies by entering the forte of OTT platforms and make the consumer viewing more flexible and enjoyable experience”.

 Speaking on this association, Mr. Shreyans Hirawat, Director NH Studioz said, “We at NH Studioz have the largest content house with a vast library of films which range from features produced in 1930s to 2017s with more than 1400 titles. The partnership with Chingari will help reach out to a wider audiences and also provides us an opportunity to showcase our library. The idea of NH Studioz is to generate a bank which will give audiences an opportunity to watch any and every Bollywood film ever made.”

About Chingari

Chingari App is a short video sharing platform owned by Tech4Billion Media Private Limited. Through this app, users can create and upload videos in more than 20 multiple languages including English and Hindi. In this app, users get the option to select a song, lip-sync, dance, voice over to movie scenes, comic dialogues, and create a creative video to a selection of that song. The app also has in-built filters which create visual effects of videos.

Chingari was launched in Google Play Store in November 2018. It is a social Network application, The mobile application has become the India’s #1 Social Networking App and the most popular short video sharing application by August, 2020 and has garnered over 30Million users in India as of Sept 2020. It has emerged as India ka apna Naya TV in multiple cities and locations, including Tier 1 cities of India such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and large parts of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

About NH Studioz

NH Studioz is a pioneer in Indian film industry, founded in 1980. Narendra Hirawat & Co. is a leading content house with distribution of Indian cinema around the globe via all possible modes and mediums. There vast library of films range from features produced in the 1930’s to 2019 with more than 1400 titles. NH Studioz’s collection of copyrights is the largest in the country dominated by legendary films with varied genre and star cast. Insync, with major broadcasters and distribution networks NH Studioz has monetized these masterpieces through various streams such as theaters, satellites, internet, and mobile etc.