Cheers Original Mr. Das Review: It looks a comfortable watch

06 . May . 2019
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The first episode of the new Cheers Original Mr. Das is now streaming on YouTube. The web series is about a young man who seems to have it all – a good job, a good job in Mumbai and a comfortable lifestyle. However, as we delve into his life, we see that all’s not what it seems. Here’s our complete review of the Cheers Original, Mr. Das. 

Kumar Varun is the titular character, Buddhaditya Das, who’s working as a sales manager for boss who’s all fire and brimstone. Every interaction with him leads to Buddha trying to resign, but it all crumbles down when Buddha’s reminded of his EMIs and other loans. However, he vents out to his office colleagues, who sympathize with him, but only give him an earful about whatever he’s going through.

That’s not all, his personal life is in doldrums as well. His girlfriend dumps him, his car gets towed and his parasite of a room mate doesn’t even leave him food at the end of the day. That’s what we got to know in the first episode, and we are sure the story will only begin unravelling as we go further.

What’s wow : Kumar Varun is doing a good job of playing a character who’s committedly frustrated because what’s going on in his personal as well as his professional life. Naveen Kaushik, who plays the boss from hell does a good job, and his character could be an integral one for the storyline.

The director Anudeep Mishra does a good job of getting the story on screen and doesn’t waste time with new school camera angles or film making techniques that’d take away from the script and screenplay. Sandeep Balan creates an engaging set of characters and series of incidents – which can only get fiery as the episodes roll out.

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What’s Blah : While the performances and the treatment is good, there’s little novelty to be found in the first episode. The boss from hell has always been around, and so is the frustrated employee. Let’s hope the premise of this web series is something different.

Parting Shot : Mr. Das looks like a comfortable watch.

Cast & Crew :

Cast: Naveen Kaushik, Kumar Varun, Uday Nene, Naman Banthia, Bardinath Chavan, Anisha Victor

Watch the trailer here :