Check out the nominations for The Monthlies – The June Edition

20 . Jun . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Recognition, they say, is the greatest currency for the creative person. The Streaming Awards Monthly Edition is our endeavor to recognize the best of the best in the streaming industry. This awards ceremony is the coming together of like-minded people to recognize and appreciate the best talents in the world of digital entertainment.

And in an industry first, the Streaming Awards will be a monthly feature. The digital streaming industry is growing by leaps and bounds and keeping in tandem with that, the Streaming Awards will be held every month. This will ensure that all the talent that works in the digital industry get their due recognition.  The nominations have been carefully chosen with the following aspects in mind:

  1. Originality: That the nominated video is original and not inspired or copied from other works.
  2. Conciseness: The streaming world is all about being concise and holding the audience’s attention.
  3. Entertainment value: The world of streaming is all about entertaining the audiences in a quick and efficient manner. We have carefully chosen those videos that have a minimal entertainment value for audiences.
  4. Underlying Message: Every bit of film-making has an underlying message that’s as relevant as it is memorable. We have chosen those short videos that have a succinct, bold and important message for the audiences.

We intend to recognize the best talents in several categories and here’s the list of the nominations:


  1. Nitishahtra – (Large Short Films)
  2. Kashmir – (Terribly Tiny Tales)
  3. Lust Stories – (Netflix)
  4.  The Job –  Flying Dreams Entertainment Pvt Ltd


  1. Engineering Girls – The Timeliners
  2. Damaged – (Hungama Play)
  3. Zero Kms – (Zee5)
  4. 13 Reasons Why – (Netflix)


  1. The Better Half | Kuch Yaad Hai – (Shitty Ideas Trending)
  2. Father’s Day with a strike – (Girliyapa)
  3. Bollywood Vs Basketball – (Arre)
  4. If kids behaved like parents – (Being Indian)


  1. Sugandha Garg – (Kashmir)
  2. Kapil Verma – (Nitishastra)
  3. Manish Mehta – (The Bench)
  4. Apoorva Singh karki – (Engineering Girls)


  1. Manav Kaul – (Kashmir)
  2. Amit Sial – (Damaged)
  3. Naseeruddin Shah- (Zero Kms)
  4. Sanjay Kapoor – (Lust Stories)


  1. Taapsee Pannu – (Nitishastra)
  2. Kalki Koeclhin – (The Job)
  3. Bhumi Pednekar – (Lust Stories)
  4. Radhika Apte – (Lust Stories)


  1. Amruta Khanvilkar – (Damaged)
  2. Kiara Advani – (Lust Stories)
  3. Sejal Kumar – (Engineering Girls)
  4. Akash Thosar – (Lust Stories)

You can watch the video below