Character reveal by the stars of ‘Inside Edge’.

17 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

‘Inside Edge’, the Amazon Original series that’s made by Excel Entertainment has been in the news ever since it was announced.  The web series had a star- studded trailer launch on 16th June and members of the cast and crew were present, sharing their experience working on the series with fans and the media. Here’s what the stars had to say:

Vivek Oberoi (Vikrant Dhawan)

I think Vikrant Dhawan’s character allowed me to explore a much darker side of the human psyche. A master manipulator; he’s cold, he’s ruthless, he gets high on power, that is the ultimate rush for him. Also, what is cool is that he’s the prime mover, every one of his actions has far reaching consequences. He’s playing the game too, just on a whole different level.

Richa Chadha (Zarina Malik)

Zarina Malik is a very talented and powerful character. She is a woman in the man’s world as cricket here is considered a gentlemen’s game. Zarina is caught between ambitions and desires, as she fights the power of men, players, and politicians. This would be the first time I’ll be playing an actor on screen and it has been an enriching experience. I’ve used my experience as an actor for this role, qualities like being competitive, having insecurities etc. I’ve used all these emotions to get into the skin of the character.

Angad Bedi (Arvind Vashishth)

To play a cricketer on reel is redemption. Being born in a family where cricket was and is the gospel.. it cannot get more surreal. To play an honest upright and righteous char as a captain named Arvind Vashishth was something I wished for. Arvind breathes cricket.. I derived inspiration from my father.. how he spoke, how is body language there is cricket in his blood.. his passion comes through from his eyes.. cricket is in Arvind’s every bone.. for Arvind the game is his religion.

Tanuj Virwani (Vayu Raghavan)

Vayu is a character with many shades of grey. He is a star player who wears his success with arrogance and disdain, as he is aware of the huge value he brings to the table. Emotionally unstable role such as this are challenging and draining to play but also very rewarding. It’s an author backed role and I couldn’t have asked for a better platform to showcase it.

Siddhanth Chaturvedi (Prashant Kanaujia)

My character Prashant has had a humble beginning, he comes from a rural background and has faced many challenges as he has come up the hard way. His journey is more difficult as compared to others, not only because he is a rookie but also due to the flak he faces as an outsider. Due to all these reasons, he wants to prove a point to everyone. His journey is one that shows you how to push back even when all the odds are against you.

Sarah Jane Dias (Meera Nagpal)

My character believes in the adage that once a sports person always a sport person. Since she can’t play anymore, she joins a sports channel to feel part of that environment. She is unabashedly frank about all aspects of her life including her love life.

 Sayani Gupta (Rohini Raghavan)

Rohini is passionate about the game of cricket more than anything else. She has a sound understanding of the game and is the only woman in a man’s game who call the shots in regard to the team. She is cool, composed and ruthless when it comes to her team.


The show will stream on Amazon Prime from July 10th.