Celebrities rave about the recently released historical thriller documentary on discovery+: Secrets of Sinauli: Discovery of the Century

15 . Feb . 2021
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Discovery+ original received praise and shared excitement from members of the film fraternity over the release of Secrets of Sinauli: Discovery of the Century.

Acclaimed Bollywood director Neeraj Pandey and Friday Storytellers present their first ever documentary, narrated by the very versatile National Awards winning Indian film actor Manoj Bajpayee, ‘Secrets of Sinauli: Discovery of the Century’ uncovers the mysteries behind the excavations in the town of Sinauli. The documentary directed by Raghav Jairath from Friday Storytellers, covers the timeline of the finds, the artefacts themselves and the people involved across each stage of the discovery.

Anupam Kher recommends the documentary to audiences “Watch this insightful teaser of documentary film Secrets of Sinauli by Neeraj Pandey, Shital Bhatia and Friday Storytellers. The findings and facts revealed are intriguing. Looking forward to how the talented Manoj Bajpayee takes us through this saga” through a post on Twitter.

An archaeological site- Sinauli, located in Baghpat district, western Uttar Pradesh, India is reported to be the largest necropolis of the Chalcolithic period (between 2000 BC and 700 BC) in India. The documentary, beautifully going over the discoveries made during the excavation at Sinauli, presents the 4000-year-old Chariot, Copper weapons and warrior burials. The chariots are encased in copper and are believed to be the oldest surviving physical evidence of the chariot ever to be discovered in the world. Alongside, there are also shields, bows and arrows, spears, swords, helmets, axes and other copper weaponry that have been unearthed from the burial sites.