Catch these ‘Gully Boy’ trailer spoofs that went Viral across social media platforms!

22 . Jan . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt starrer ‘Gully Boy’ has made headlines across social media, especially with the frenzy around its official trailer. Meanwhile, brands and users alike are making their own versions of the revered trailer and sharing online

Gully Bai | Gully Boy Spoof feat. Manju & Dependent Artists | Girliyapa Unoriginals

Your favorite bad-ass bai (Khusbhu Baid) is back after her viral stint. Manju is insulted by her employers and denied her deserved bonus for the same. In a unique and totally original rap battle, she shows them who the real Gully Bai is and her belief in herself. ‘Kyunki’ “‘apna bonus aayega”. This Gully Boy spoof on Girliyapa has already garnered more than 4 million views.

Tully Boy | Gully Boy Trailer Spoof | Apna Daru Aayega | RVCJ

Drunkveer is stuck in his life chaos having an unusual want in his heart that he wants to become India’s greatest Tully Boy. Will he able to become one with the help of his friend?

Asli Tic Toc | Gully Boy Teaser Trailer Spoof | The Screen Patti

Asli TIC TOC is a humorous take on millennials who are addicted to music app TIC TOC. The video features Shivankit Parihar, who aspires to become a Star, leaving behind all of his other responsibilities. To understand the ‘depth’ of his addiction, do not miss watching these MUSIKALLY BOYS only on The Screen Patti

Asli Office Job | Gully Boy Teaser Spoof | Being Indian

Are you fed up of your boring job and fed up with your boss? Watch this spoof video to experience a quirky and funny take on a corporate employee’s frustration as he lets his anger out in ‘Gully Boy’ style.