Bringing their humour A-game on stage, here are 5 stand-up comedians from South India

28 . Nov . 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s often said that laughter is the best medicine. Especially during present times when our mental health has definitely taken a toll due to the pandemic. A good laugh might be therapeutic. South India is not only known for its food, or Tollywood, but is also famous for giving us some phenomenal stand-up comics to make us roll in laughter. If you’re looking for a dose of comedy, South India style, here are 5 famous comedians who have the perfect tonic for the soul

1) Aravind S A

Aravind S A hails from Chennai and one could totally see that during his stand-up shows. He is known for his amalgamation of Tamil words in his punchlines like Welacama, Da, Aiy Aiy Yooo. One of his best features is he keeps his stories real AF and yet they are always funny enough to roll on the floor. Add to that, his skits have a sense of empathy that has always worked for him well. This extraordinary comedian recently came up with a series – I Was Not Ready Da! exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and one just can’t keep calm.

2) Kenneth Urf Kenny Sebastian

This guy is a multi-talented package. Along with good looks and great jokes, he is a painter, musician and singer. He knows how to perfectly blend songs and humour together. Don’t be that guy, The Most Interesting Person in the Room are some of his stunning works. He knows the importance of body language and expressions during stand-up and always aces it.

3) Praveen Kumar

This comedian is one of the most-celebrated comedians of present time. Just like Aravind SA, he keeps it realistic and simple and truly believes that being simple is the best version. His 9shows are like normal everyday conversations, but one finds a magic to them for they stay in our hearts for long and make us cry out tears of laughter. If you think stand-up comedy was all about double-meaning jokes and not at all family friendly, this guy will definitely prove you wrong.

4) Kanan Gill

Kanan got famous from his YouTube series, Pretentious Movie Reviews and as the title suggests his series was pretentious enough to give you adrenaline rush. Along with his smile, charming looks and adorable dimples, this guy nails it when it comes to comedy. His punchlines are impactful and powerful and you just can’t seem to miss it.

5) Naveen Richard

This comedian is class apart. His jokes are not only believable but the whole aura is so likeable. Every time he comes on stage, the hoots and claps never stop. His shows act as laughter riot. He rose in fame with his mockumentary called Better Life Foundation