Breaking Bad is Netflix’s top binge globally

12 . Feb . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix is notoriously secretive about analytics of the viewing habits. They have criticised for it, mostly because it doesn’t give as much fodder to the media houses. Now, Netflix has released some interesting information –  about the most binged web series on their streaming platform.

Netflix was kind enough to provide information about binge watching – something that people have watched at least one season of, within seven days of starting.

Unsurprisingly, the name that tops the list is Breaking Bad and after that comes Orange is the New Black. The last in the list is American Horror Story. Strangely, Stranger Things, that is a newer web series and a Netflix Original comes at number 4, followed by Narcos and House of Cards. Prison Break, one of the older web series is already on the list, followed by 13 Reasons Why, which became quite controversial because of its subject matter – that of a young girl sending tapes recounting how they are responsible for her death. The list is rounded off by Grey’s Anatomy.

The data is compelling, with very few Netflix Originals making their way into the list. Apart from Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why, there’s no other Netflix exclusive that’s binged rapidly by Netflix audiences. Will this make Netflix clamp down on their Original programming? They do have some big projects – including Saif Ali Khan’s Sacred Games and several others – but the path forward will reveal itself only in time to come.