Bombay High Court issues notice to Centre for censorship of online content

08 . Oct . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • PIL cites Gandi Baat, Sacred Games
  • Suggest pre-screening of online content

Bombay High Court has issued notice to Centre over a Public Litigation filed by Divya Gontia in Nagpur. Divya has filed the PIL over the objectionable content that was streamed on ALTBalaji in the series Gandii Baat. Also mentioned is the Netflix series Sacred Games which consisted of nudity and objectionable content and abusive language.

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In Gandii Baat, the PIL refers to a particular scene where in a father-in-law is sexually harassing his daughter-in-law.  As per the PIL, all content scheduled to come online should be pre-screened much like how films are screened prior their release.  It also advocated for stricter parental controls so that the children are not exposed to adult content online.

On release, Netflix ran into trouble for derogatory content and harming the reputation of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The digital platform is known for its self-censorship and many directors and actors want to be part of the medium due to its uncensored nature.

If this PIL results in any kind of censorship, the medium is bound to lose its popularity. Let us see where this goes.