Blazing Hot Indian Erotic Web Series

15 . Jun . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Indian content producers have got the perfect platform with the world of streaming opening for them. Now, they no longer need to go through the rigmarole of censors and other such red tape to get their thoughts on screen – even if they are just the ones that can stream. So, we bring to you five super erotic Indian web series that’s just perfect for streaming on a rainy day.

  1. Ragini MMS Returns

Ragini MMS was one of the first web series that ALTBalaji brought to the streaming platforms. The web series promised horror and equal parts of intimate scenes – and the three female leads came up to the promise. Ria Sen, Karishma Sharma and Sakshi Pradhan had some explosive scenes in the series.

  1. Maaya 2

Maaya 2 is the sequel to the Vikram Bhatt led web series, Maaya, which is the first Indian web series with some big names attached to it – Shama Sikander acted in the first series and Vikram Bhatt directed it. The second series was about lesbian love and had some intimate scenes played out by Leena Jumani and Priyal Gor. Both are TV actresses and it made for some interesting viewing.

  1. Maaya 1

The first season of Maaya was interesting for Indians for many reasons. It was one of the rare series that talked about BDSM, something that’s more taboo in India than LGBTQ. Shama Sikander, known for her girl-next-door image form the TV series gave her nod to this dare and bare role. All this translated into some hot and heavy intimate scenes.

  1. Damage

Amruta Khanvilkar returns to the screen with Damaged, a web series touted to be have the first female serial killer by an Indian film-maker. Though the web series doesn’t have many intimate scenes, it does have some aesthetically shot shots of Amruta Khanvilkar.

  1. Spotlight

Spotlight is another web series from the Bhatt camp which promises to reveal the dirty side of the film industry. And while the series did that, it also had some hot scenes showing characters getting down and dirty.

These are the five Indian web series that took erotica to another level. Think we have left out some, tell us in the comments section – happy streaming!