Web Series: Bisht Please

04 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Season 1, Episode 1

The first episode of Bisht Please! is out. Titled ‘Bisht to mili Nemesister’, the episode introduces the character of Neetu Bisht, a young woman who’s dumped by her boyfriend. When Neetu tries to make amends, she is in for a surprise – which is just the beginning of a roller-coaster ride.

What’s wow? Bisht Please! scores points because of the unique concept that it presents. This is an entertaining and engaging look into the life and times of a young woman. The screenplay impresses too – the twists that the first episode has will definitely keep the audience engaged. The series has some great performances too.

What’s blah: The product placement in the first episode is jarring and in the face. The ‘shaky’ effect used for shooting one of the critical sequences in the film seems like bad film making instead of auteur.

Parting shot: Bisht Please! is a great start of an interesting concept. This one makes our to-follow list.


Cast: Nidhi Bisht

Duration: 26:26

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