Bigg Buzz: Kashmera Shah, Shefali Bagga and Arti Singh join Karan Wahi to spill all the inside gossip about the Bigg Boss house

22 . Dec . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Back with another sensational episode, celebrated host Karan Wahi welcomed recently evicted Kashmera Shah on the Bigg Buzz Asli fans ka Asli Adda on Voot.  Discussing her short stint in the house as a Challenger, Kashmera felt the way she’s changed over the years, as well as being a wild card entry played as a disadvantage, leading to her eviction. She has a reputation for being wild in the past, but over the years she has calmed down, explaining her calm demeanour in the house. Moreover, she felt that there was a major split between the old and new contestants, with everyone playing their own independent game. While answering an Asli fan’s question, Kashmera called Abhinav and Rubina “very boring” and “dry”. Elucidating her point further, she added that older housemates like Jasmin and Rubina stay uninvolved, doing a “9 to 9 shift” and nothing else. Poking fun at Abhinav, she said she only saw him working out and making parathas in the house. In terms of newer contestant Manu Punjabi, she thinks he should be careful as Ali and Rahul have figured out his “game”.

Discussing the next contestants to vacate the house, Kashmera expects Eijaz to be the next evictee and predicts Rakhi and Arshi will be nominated. She appreciated Eijaz for making her feel at home and teaching her how to do the dishes. In a surprise twist, they are joined by surprise guest, Shefali Bagga from season 13. Shefali asks Kashmera why she didn’t try anything and everything to not be boring or make alliances, to which Kashmera  cleverly replied saying it’s a reality show and in order to be real she chose to be herself and not instigate unnecessarily. Shefali reveals that her favourite contestants are Rubina and Rahul Vaidya, and she hopes they make it to the finale.

Post Kashmera’s departure, Karan is joined by the final guest for the evening, Arti Singh from season 13 . She plays a fun game called Out Of the box, wherein she assigns an object to a contestant in the house. She calls Rakhi a ‘chabi walla bandar’ and says she would use scissors on Arshi’s tongue to shut her up.