Bigg Boss: Eijaz Khan discloses a painful personal story about the time his wedding got called off

26 . Nov . 2020
Reading Time: 1 minute

While Eijaz Khan is known as the handsome bachelor of the house, audiences may be taken by surprise when they discover that the singleton was once close to getting hitched! In an intimate clip of Bigg Boss Extra Masala clip on Voot, the usual private Eijaz shares the painful story when questioned on the same by Rahul.

In a candid conversation with Eijaz, Rahul asks him if he has ever come close the prospect of getting married. He vulnerably replied, “2015 mein. it was supposed to happen. Ek maheene pehle it ended. Dress aa gaya tha, sab ho gaya tha. Dimag hatt gaya tha mera. Uski galti nahi thi, dono ki galti thi. Barabar decision liya usne. Kind of mutual tha, lekin barabar tha. I don’t think any of us were ready for that, fundamental issues solve nahi the, phir mein phat gaya cheezon ko leke, she left.”

We can’t imagine how painful that experience must have been for our fellow Bigg Boss housemate. However, it’s not too late! Do you think Eijaz will be able to revive his love life in the Bigg Boss house? Catch all the latest scoop on Bigg Boss Extra Masala on Voot!