Bigg Boss contestant Nitibha Kaul stars in ‘Nitibha Knows’, a unique web series

07 . Jun . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

People like to party. Parties are the soul of India’s night life and some people are the souls of parties. Metros are fast moving towards house parties and that brings us to a situation where social awkwardness lurks at every corner. Nitibha Kaul, whom we last saw in Bigg Boss has an answer to all the social awkwardness that a party-goer can come across – and she gives this information in a quirky, entertaining manner in a video.

The video’s a picture of all the kind of people that one would meet in a high class, SOBO party and has some amusing moments. If you’re someone who’s had awkward interactions during house parties and want to share a chuckle or two with your friends about those, Nitibha’s video should do the job for you.   Watch the video here: