Best Web Series available on YouTube

19 . Jun . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

YouTube is the free space that makes a lot of entertainment accessible to many people free of cost. But that doesn’t imply that the quality of entertainment available on the site is any less than that available on any of the OTT platforms or paid sites. Given below are some of the best web series that are available on YouTube and are stream-worthy.

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  1. TVF Bachelors

TVF Bachelors showcases all the different situations bachelors staying together encounter. Through two seasons, the series has entertained a host of audiences. And now many are waiting for a season 3.

  1. Adulting

Two young women staying as roommates make for such good web series plot. Despite their ups and lows, the series is high on entertainment and fun. In fact, a lot of people will remember their own time with their roommates they had during anytime of their lives.

  1. TSP Zeroes

Start-ups are the rage these days while they may inspire the right ‘breed of people’ to take this risk, there are some who take the plunge without evening thinking of what they are getting into.

  1. Girl In The City

A small town girl coming into the big city with her big dreams is what Girl In The City is all about. Mithila Palkar plays the girl with the big dreams and audiences couldn’t help but live her dream with her in the city.

  1. Aam Aadmi Family

The story of a typical Indian middle class family, Aam Aadmi Family is a fun to watch web series. Through different characters of the family, it carefully presents the nitty-gritty of an Indian family for the digital audiences.

  1. Flames

This was a story about tuition romance and made all of us go aww all the time. The audiences definitely have had a great time watching this new series; and are waiting for a new season to come their really soon. Young love is such a cutie to watch.

Go ahead and stream these web series on YouTube.