Best Upcoming Comedians in India that have left us in splits

29 . Jun . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

See by definition, a stand-up comedian is one who seeks to entertain an audience by making them laugh. But that’s not the case any more, because it’s not just about the comedic potential now. These days, comedians have started cracking jokes on the pertaining issues and have been subtly making people think about the current scenario of our country while also making us roll with laughter. Now, isn’t that all we need after a stressful week? That is also one of the reasons why I think that there are so many streaming services that are coming up their own stand-up gigs like Comedy Shots from ZEE5. So, today we are counting down some of the best stand-up comedians who killed it in recent times and are all set the rule the world of comedy.

Rahul Dua : See there are professional comedians who say jokes in a way they think a comedian should and then there is Rahul Dua who does it in a way that feels more natural and feels like it is coming from this friend who likes to crack jokes. In this recent set seen in Comedy Shots, one should definitely check out his observations on how close families get during the summer. He is great at what he does and no wonder why people call him the Amit Sana of Indian comedy

Gaurav Kapoor : Delhi guys are the last things you should joke around with becuase you never know who their dad is? But this Delhi guy with his proper Delhi accent is here to stage on set on fire, well not literally. On his recent gig, he talked about the marathon, and trust me when I say this, his jokes literally gave the other comedians a run for their money, get it? Whether you are someone who likes running marathons or not, his hilarious observations on the event will leave roll on the floor with laughter.

Sumaira Shaikh : Of all the recent upcoming female comedians, I think it’s Sumaira Shaikh who is going be a big star in the near future. I mean, why wouldn’t she? Though she is new to the biz you should check out her latest set? It is about how hard it is to get a rickshaw in a crowded city like Mumbai. But what happens when the rickshawala surprises Sumaira? Her response, just like the rest of the set, was hilarious. 

Atul Khatri : He is not just a guy with a good face, he is way more than that he drops some deadly jokes on the audience. With most of his jokes focussing on the generation gap issues, his style of humour makes the sets a laugh riot each time. 

Sumit Anand : If he had a coin for every time he cracked a good punchline, believe me, he would have been a millionaire by now. Unlike many in the list, his tone is very neutral but it is his writing where he kills it. His jokes are super hilarious from the start to the end. He has an amazing fan following on YouTube, with some of his recent videos hitting over a whopping 5 million views.

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Pratyush Chaubey : Pratyush uses a strong language in his videos. But so do we when we have to vent out the anger on something and that is why I am totally okay with what he does. Even if you don’t like it, trust me, you would be a convert by the end of his set.

Sanjay Rajoura : He is not just a comedian, he also has an interesting take on the prevailing issues in our country. Recently he became very famous for his quirky viewson the strategies followed by the political parties during the election season. You have got to see him perform to witness edgy humour at its best. 

These are some of the upcoming comics who are not only good but can also go mic to mic to with any acclaimed stand-up comedians anywhere. So, who is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.