Best motivational takeaways to start afresh in 2018

28 . Dec . 2017
Reading Time: 4 minutes

2017 was one happening year for streamers. There was so much to stream in the year, and the content was so rich a lot of it will stay back with us forever. has collated ten best motivational takeaways from all that streamed across various digital platforms in 2017, which will surely help you in 2018.

Narcos 3: Chepe Santacruz Londono

Whilst talking to his competitor in a salon, Chepe mouths this epic dialogue. Surely, it comes handy in most of the problems we face in life. We have to remind ourselves that we can’t run away from problems as we did as a child.

Game Of Thrones: Lyanna Mormont

One of the most epic dialogues in the season 7 of the series, Lyanna nails it when she says she can fight for herself. It is not much about the gender, as much it is about taking responsibility for oneself, irrespective of the general consensus.


This Yehuda HaLevi lines have a hidden meaning in them. Fear and love always go hand in hand, you fear losing what you love. And yet, you can’t even stop loving it because of that fact. One has to constantly focus on what is important in life and master the fears.

House of Cards: Frank Underwood

In another of his breaking the wall conversations, Frank Underwood reveals this fact. Let me explain: To make a name for yourself you have to be consistently good.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Lemony Snicket

Generally, shyness is can’t be segregated as good or bad, but at crucial moments you have to be courageous to get what you want.

Mindhunter: Bill Tench

This piece of advice doesn’t only apply to anyone dealing with crazy people (obviously) but in general, whomever you have to get ahead of. You have to get in the minds of your competitor to know their next move.

The Night Manager: Richard Roper

Another one of the intellectual dialogues that a crime drama would typically have is this one from the Amazon Prime Original. Individuals tend to focus on things they don’t have, instead of enjoying that we already possess. In the game of life, being aware of our strengths and weakness can make or break us.

Stranger Things: Jonathan Byers

The simplest yet powerful advice Jonathan gives Will and it is something few people understand the importance of. We need to develop our own taste in life, otherwise our individuality is lost. Let us all be unique.

Iron Fist: Rand

Explaining Wing, in this Netflix series, Rand talks about mastering our inner force. We all have potential, but instead of mastering that, we focus on our external appearance and personality. If one works internally, everything else falls into place.

13 Reasons Why: Skye Miller

 This dialogue from this suicide web series by Netflix is definitely worth a mention. For all the young people who are suffering from some kind of abuse or bullying, this dialogue sums up why suicide is never an option.

As you celebrate the onset of 2017 and welcome 2018, hopes these virtues will help you better the New Year.

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